Kanuka Honey

• Great for your skin
• 100% Natural from New Zealand
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Kanuka Honey is a wonderful antioxidant rich in nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. The honey has the highest arabinogalactans (AGP’s) content of any New Zealand honey including Manuka, making it ideal for anti-inflammatory conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea.

It works great with your morning wellness routines, as a natural energy source, sweetener for your tea or coffee, as well as a fantastic DIY facemask. Our Kanuka Honey is smooth, velvety and creamy, discover it's delicious taste for yourself! 

Kanuka is a cousin to the world famous Manuka, and comes from the nectar of New Zealand’s finest Kanuka trees. Its unique flavour and texture are much lighter than Manuka, while still being incredibly healthy.

It is silky smooth, has a light consistency and tastes sweet with light butterscotch notes and a delicate floral finish. Whether eaten straight from the jar, stirred into tea or used in conjunction with your favourite culinary dishes - Kanuka honey is an excellent indulgent treat.

Best consumed by the spoonful straight from the jar, or added to warm drinks.

Can also be applied topically to your skin for DIY skincare to assist with acne, rosacea and eczema.