Rewarewa Honey

• The highest peroxide activity in New Zealand honey
• 100% Natural from New Zealand
• Rich in antioxidants

Rewarewa Honey has the highest levels of peroxide-based antibiotic and anti-oxidant activity compared to other New Zealand Honey, and may be able to assist with the healing of intestinal and bowel disorders, as well as assisting the body in repairing damaged cells while eliminating sick cells.

It works great with your morning wellness routines, as a natural energy source, sweetener for your tea or coffee, as well as a fantastic DIY facemask. Our Rewarewa Honey is smooth, velvety and creamy, discover it's delicious taste for yourself! 

The unusual cylindrical shaped flowers of the Rewarewa tree are only in bloom for a short period of time, beginning in the early summer.

When they are at their peak they produce deliciously sweet amber honey, with a smooth malty-caramel flavor that’s sure to melt in your mouth.

This is also a beelicious children's favourite.

Best consumed by the spoonful straight from the jar, or added to warm drinks.

It's also great to add to your favourite culinary delights, or simply spread on toast to enjoy its delicious malty-caramel flavour.